May 3-4, 2008 Nebraska Conference Audio

The Vision, Experience, and Practice
of the All-Inclusive Oneness



Message 1: The Lord's Recovery of the All-inclusive Oneness
(Time: 64 minutes; file size: 60,279 KB)

Message 2: Enjoying Christ with God on the ground of Oneness
(Time: 64 minutes; file size: 60,046 KB)

Message 3: The All-inclusive Oneness in Psalm 133:
The Application of the Processed and Consummates Triune God to Our Being
as the Spreading Oil and the Descending Dew

(Time: 85 minutes; file size: 79,933 KB)
Message 3a: [Message 3, edited and compressed to fit on an 80 minute audio CD] (File size: 74,924KB)

Message 4: Keeping the Oneness of Reality
and Arriving at the Oneness of Practicality

(Time: 101 minutes; file size: 94,737 KB)
For those needing audio-format CDs, Message 4 was edited and split into two parts:
Message 4a: [Part A of Message 4] (Time: 75 minutes; file size: 69,975KB)
Message 4b: [Part B of Message 4] (Time: 26 minutes; file size: 24,761KB)

Outlines for the four messages (in PDF format): The Vision, Experience, and Practice of the All-Inclusive Oneness Outlines

[Webmaster's notes: 1. Audio recording equipment issues resulted in degraded message audio quality.
2. Audio files are provided in MP3 format. If you desire to play the messages in a car or home audio CD player and your computer has a read-write CD unit, you will need to download and save the MP3 file to your computer (right-click on the link and "save target as") then use a CD writing ('burning') utility program to transfer the message to a CD in audio format according to your utility program's instructions. One standard CD holds up to 80 minutes of audio.]