September 15-17, 2017 Kansas City Blending Conference Audio

The Tree of Life



Message 1: Eating the Tree of Life and Living as Branches of the Tree of Life
(Time: 67 minutes; file size: 79,548 KB)

Message 2: Eating the Lord as the Tree of Life and Living on the Line of Life
(Time: 92 minutes; file size: 115,530 KB)

Message 3: The Flow of Life with the Ministry of Life out of and for the Magnificent House of God
(Time: 80 minutes; file size: 102,407 KB)

Message 4: Abiding in Christ to Maintain Our Organic Union with Him
(Time: 95 minutes; file size: 113,848 KB)

Outlines for the messages (in PDF format): The Tree Of Life

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