September 18-20, 2015 Kansas City Blending Conference Audio

The Will of God--One Person, One Way, and One Goal



Message 1: Being Filled with the Full Knowledge of God's Will
(Time: 59 minutes; file size: 54,849 KB)

Message 2: One Person--the All-inclusive Christ
(Time: 76 minutes; file size: 71,003 KB)

Message 3: One Way--the Cross of Christ
(Time: 80 minutes; file size: 74,358 KB)

Message 4: One Goal--the Church as the Body of Christ
(Time: 90 minutes; file size: 84,462 KB)

Message 4: One Goal--the Church as the Body of Christ [Message 4, edited and compressed to fit on an 80 minute audio CD] (File size: 74,944KB)

Outlines for the messages (in PDF format): (not yet available)

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